We are dedicated to developing tomorrow’s drugs against oxidative stress, helping millions of people to a better life by preventing and treating serious kidney diseases. ROSgard, our biological drug candidate, mimics the body’s own powerful defense system against oxidative stress. Designed with a natural “homing” to the kidneys, ROSgard prevents kidney damage by protecting, cleaning and repairing the exposed cells and tissues.

Our early clinical program consists of two phase I studies on healthy subjects and one phase Ib study on patients undergoing open-heart surgery.

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ROSgard, our drug candidate, is designed to mimic the body's own defense system against oxidative stress by protecting, cleaning and repairing exposed cells and tissue.

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Acute kidney injury is a large market. The estimated annual value is USD 6.3 bn in the USA and GBP 500 mn in the UK.

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  • 17 Mar 2020

    Guard Therapeutics announces positive top line results from a clinical phase 1a study of ROSgard

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