ROSgard - our drug candidate

Guard Therapeutics develops ROSgard, a biological drug candidate that makes use of one of the most powerful and universal defense systems against oxidative stress in the body.

ROSgard is designed by nature to target the kidneys, enabling it to be in place when the kidneys are exposed to abundant oxidative stress. Treatment with ROSgard has the potential to save lives and prevent both acute and chronic kidney injuries, where the reduced kidney function could otherwise lead to serious consequences, such as need for dialysis treatment or kidney transplantation.

ROSgard prevents oxidative stress-induced damage by utilizing three mechanisms:

  • ROSgard protects: It protects proteins, DNA, mitochondria, cells and tissues against oxidative stress. Mitochondrial protection, the protection of the cells' built-in power plant, is believed to be a very important mechanism in AKI.
  • ROSgard cleans: It captures and neutralizes the harmful and reactive oxygen radicals that are formed under oxidative stress (Reactive Oxygen Species, ROS). It also neutralizes another detrimental substance, heme, that is released when tissues and cells rupture, for example when the red blood cells rupture.
  • ROSgard repairs: It supports regenerative processes and tissue repair by promoting a beneficial microenvironment during cellular stress.