RMC-035 (ROSgard)

RMC-035 - Our lead investigational drug

RMC-035 is a so-called biological drug candidate (recombinant protein) and is administered to patients by intravenous infusion. In the future, it is intended to be used as an in-hospital product with short-term treatment, for example in connection with heart surgery and kidney transplantation.

RMC-035 is designed to mimic the naturally occurring endogenous protein called alpha-1-microglobulin. This protein is thought to provide powerful and universal protection against organ damage that can result from lack of oxygen or due to harmful waste products that are continuously generated during cell metabolism. RMC-035 has been modified compared to the naturally occurring protein to enable its use as a drug therapy.

Technically, RMC-035 has the following functions: reductase activity, binding of free radicals and heme, and binding/protection of mitochondria.

In a simplified way, one can summarize these functions as follows:

  • RMC-035 protects: It protects proteins, DNA, mitochondria, cells and tissues.

  • RMC-035 cleans: It captures and eliminates harmful substances.

  • RMC-035 repairs: It supports the body's regenerative processes through its protective and cleaning effects.

An important advantage of RMC-035 is its natural biodistribution to the kidneys via excretion and uptake in kidney tubular cells. This means that the drug is absorbed precisely in the cells which are predisposed to AKI, which both enhances the treatment effect and makes it more selective.

In summary, the principle of treatment with RMC-035 is simple: RMC-035 strengthens the body's own defense system against harmful factors that arise in connection with heart surgery or kidney transplantation. This is achieved by intravenous infusion of RMC-035 during hospitalization following these procedures.



RMC-035 is a, druggable, recombinant & patent protected variant of the endogenous protein A1M

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