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Tobias L Agervald


Chief Executive Officer since January 2019 and Chief Medical Officer since December 2018. Born in 1976. Dr Agervald holds an MD and PhD from Uppsala University and is a board-certified specialist in internal medicine and nephrology. Dr Agervald is an associate professor and internationally recognized researcher within experimental and clinical nephrology and endocrinology. He performed parts of his PhD studies at Harvard Medical School and a postdoctoral fellowship at Indiana University School of Medicine. Dr Agervald has extensive global drug development experience in both early and later clinical stages, most recently from his position as Senior Medical Director at Astellas Pharma Global Clinical Development.

Previous positions: Senior Medical Director at Astellas Pharma. Global key opinion leader in cardio-renal disease and frequently engaged expert for analysis of pharmaceutical development projects and design and execution of clinical studies via advisory boards and steering committees.

Other appointments:
Tobias Agervald is an adjunct associate professor at the Karolinska Institute and has been an expert consultant, lecturer or advisory board member for large pharmaceutical companies such as AbbVie, Sanofi Aventis, Genzyme, Shire, Amgen, SOBI and Astellas.

Previous assignments in the last five years:
Senior Medical Director, Astellas Pharma.

Shareholding: 25,140 shares. 5,200,000 employee stock options 2021 and 9,450,000 employee stock options 2023.

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Karin Botha


CFO since September 2020. Born 1973. Karin Botha holds a Degree of Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics and has more than 20 years of working experience from leading roles within finance in global pharmaceutical companies such as Smithkline Beecham, GSK, Novartis and Sandoz. Previous experience includes positions such as Nordic Head of Financial Reporting and Accounting, Nordic Head of Business Planning and Analysis and Interim CFO.

Other engagements: Member of the board of Matting AB, Matting Holding AB and Sybo Invest AB

Previous assignments in the last five years: Specialist and Nordic Head of Financial Controls and Compliance at Novartis and Sandoz

Shareholding: 2,845 shares. 1,200,000 employee stock options 2021 and 2,520,000 employee stock options 2023.

Torbjorn Larsson

Torbjörn Larsson

Head of Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control

Head CMC since May 2022. Born 1960 and responsible for the CMC activities within the company. Torbjörn has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, with focus on biochemistry and a supplement one year education in biotechnology. Torbjörn has more than 30 years of experience of pharmaceutical development in different roles and phases.

Previous experience includes positions as CMC responsible at Medivir AB and joint responsible for the CMC development at Aprea Therapeutics AB. The work included project management of external partners, participation in clinical study teams and preparation and performance of registration and product launch. Within Pharmacia & Upjohn Torbjörn worked within quality assurance, project management and process development.

Other assignments: -

Previous assignments in the last five years: Director Pharmaceutical Development, Medivir AB, Director Commercial Production, Aprea Therapeutics AB.

Shareholding: 200 shares. 450,000 employee stock options 2021 and 1,680,000 employee stock options 2023.

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Peter Gilmour

Head of Preclinical Science

Head of Preclinical Science since August 2020. Born in 1970. An expert in nonclinical drug discovery and developmental pharmacology, molecular biology and toxicology, Peter is responsible for all nonclinical science in Guard. He has a PhD in toxicology and more than 25 years’ experience in pharmaceutical discovery and clinical development, and drug repurposing in a variety of therapeutic areas.

His previous pharmaceutical career came from AstraZeneca and Astellas Pharma as pharmacologist in projects from discovery to regulatory filing.

Other appointments: Consultancy in nonclinical drug development

Previous appointments in the last five years: Founder of The Drug Development Team, Astellas Pharma Europe and AstraZeneca, UK.

Shareholding: 875,000 employee stock options 2021 and 1,344,000 employee stock options 2023.

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Sara Thuresson

Head of Clinical Operations

Head of Clinical Operations since May 2021. Born 1976. Responsible for the execution of the company's clinical studies from a strategic and operational perspective.

Sara Thuresson has a Master of Science degree in biomedicine from the Karolinska Institute, has received postgraduate training in clinical drug development from Uppsala University and has been awarded the Swedish Diploma in Clinical Trials. She has more than 15 years of experience in leading multinational teams in planning, implementation and reporting of clinical studies through all development phases..

Previously, Sara Thuresson has held a number of different positions in clinical drug development at, among others, Oncopeptides, Glionova, Wilson Therapeutics, IQVIA and Medivir.

Other engagements: -

Previous assignments in the last five years: Clinical Operations Director at Oncopeptides

Shareholding: 1,950 shares. 875,000 employee stock options 2021 and 2,100,000 employee stock options 2023.

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Michael Reusch


Chief Medical Officer since January 2022. Born in 1960. Dr Reusch is a pharmacist and physician and holds an MD from Essen University in Germany.

He has more than 30 years’ global clinical drug development experience, most recently as Senior Medical Director at Astellas Pharma Global Clinical Development.

Other engagements: Michael Reusch provides consultancy in clinical development

Previous assignments in the last five years: Senior Medical Director at Astellas Pharma responsible for development of a new medicinal product in renal anemia.

Shareholding: 2,100,000 employee stock options 2023.