About Guard Therapeutics

The fight against acute kidney injury

Guard Therapeutics aims to develop and commercialize the lead drug candidate ROSgard, and thereby contribute to a better and less harmful treatment of acute kidney injuries.

The drug candidate ROSgard prevents organ damage by multiple mechanisms including potent anti-oxidative effects and support of regenerative processes. The kidneys are especially sensitive to damage related to oxidative stress. Guard Therapeutics has chosen to focus the initial clinical development on prevention and treatment of acute kidney injury in cardiac surgery. This is considered an attractive indication based on ROSgard's mode of action, available preclinical data and developmental advantages.

Treatment with ROSgard could save lives and prevent such chronic and grave consequences from reduced kidney function as life-supporting dialysis.



Our early clinical trials programme consists of phase 1 studies in healthy subjects and one phase Ib study in patients undergoing cardiac surgery.

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