Vision and strategy

Comitted to saving life

Our vision is to save lives. That is why we are dedicated to developing tomorrow’s drugs against oxidative stress, something that will make a substantial contribution towards saving lives but also has the potential to prevent and treat serious kidney diseases.

Guard Therapeutics is dedicated to developing drugs that can prevent oxidative stress, which could provide a better life for millions of people with acute kidney injury (AKI). ROSgard, our biological drug candidate, mimics one of the body’s most powerful and universal defense systems against oxidative stress. Designed with a natural “homing” to the kidneys, ROSgard prevents kidney damage by neutralizing harmful reactive oxygen species and supporting regenerative processes.

Our strategy is to develop ROSgard as a platform therapy in multiple AKI patient segments with an initial focus on AKI in cardiac surgery. Demonstrating treatment efficacy (proof-of-concept) in relevant patient groups in a time- and cost-efficient manner is crucial. Partnerships and licensing agreements will be evaluated in order to maximize ROSgard's potential and to ultimately bring value to patients. Based on convincing preclinical data, the clinical program may be expanded in the future, both in AKI and in other indications.

Equipped for the future
We are well equipped to face the challenges ahead. The safety and tolerability of a single dose of ROSgard has been confirmed in a first-in-human study which provides a solid foundation to advance ROSgard in clinical development towards the first patient study in cardiac surgery planned in 2020. Our small team consists of world-leading clinical development experts within the field of AKI and nephrology.



About us and our operating activities

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